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    „From Farmers. Directly” – may we introduce our co-contractors?

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    Our quality is excellent!

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    Westfleisch declared its commitment to social responsibility, sustainability, environmental protection and animal welfare.

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  • Transparency, Sustainability, Responsibility

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"From Farmers. Directly."

Westfleisch is a leading meat marketer in Germany and Europe. The international company, based in Muenster, North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany, slaughters, cuts, processes and refines meat.

Westfleisch was originally established in 1928 as a livestock marketing cooperative, and is now owned by about 4,000 farmers in North West Germany and the Netherlands. On the basis of cooperation agreements, they breed pigs, cattle and calves. For this reason, Westfleisch is able to guarantee safety and quality along the whole process chain in particular.

Westfleisch has approximately 5,000 employees, is the no. 3 meat marketer in Germany and ranks amongst the top 5 in Europe.


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